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Periacetabular Osteotomy (PAO)

A PAO is performed to improve mechanical loading in hip dysplasia patients by surgically rotating the acetabulum to increase coverage over the femoral head. Repositioning is customized to the underlying abnormality. Most often lateral and anterior coverage enhancements are made.

PAO Procedure.jpg
Bikini Incision.jpg

Just 10 years ago, recovery from the surgery required a 5- to 7-day stay at the hospital, but with our 'no-narcotic', rapid rehabilitation protocols, we have been able to safely release patients back home on an outpatient basis (generally about four hours after completion of the operation). Today, patients who stay in the hospital (inpatients) are commonly ready for discharge on the first or second day after surgery. The procedure is performed in a full-service hospital, rather than an outpatient center, with vascular surgeons, interventional radiology, blood bank, etc. readily available in the unlikely event of a complication.

Patients are now offered a bikini incision to help minimize the visual appearance of scar. 

Dr. Santore explains the procedure and introduces viewers to our first Outpatient PAO in the video below (about 8 minutes).

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