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What is Hip Preservation?

Hip preservation is a surgical intervention that delays or prevents the onset of arthritis and, consequently, the need for a hip replacement. Hip pain is the most common reason for patients to seek out the experience of hip preservation specialists who can evaluate and recommend the best strategy for a normally functioning, pain-free hip. 

Meet Our Surgeons

Dr. Santore and Dr. Muldoon established the Sharp Hip Preservation Center in 2011 to offer a full range of solutions to patient hip problems under one roof. Dr. Santore offers world-class expertise in osteotomy procedures which can rearrange the geometry of the pelvis and upper femur to bring long-lasting stability to the hip joint and Dr. Muldoon brings many years of experience in hip arthroscopy which can repair soft tissue within the joint as well as remodel the contours

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of the bones for improved motion. Combining these two specialties has given us tremendous capacity to improve the lives of patients affected by hip dysplasia, labral tears, and other pathologies of the hip joint.

Could it be Hypermobility?

Over the years, we have seen many patients with conditions that can lead to hip pain and osteoarthritis. A significant portion of our patients demonstrate the ability to extend their joints beyond what is considered normal, many without even realizing it. This condition is often referred to as "double-jointed" or "loose joints". We are actively researching this area to better understand the many ways that this condition affects the body.

Interested in knowing whether you are hypermobile or not? The standard tests are the Beighton Score which measures the physical condition and the Hakim-Graham Questionnaire which measures the historical condition. We are working on a new comprehensive test which incorporates these two criterion as well as many other facets that have been associated with hypermobility.

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