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Our Mission

The Sharp Hip Preservation Center is dedicated to exceptional hip joint care and the pursuit of clinical research to better understand and properly address hip problems. We collaborate with hip preservation leaders across the world to offer the best educational resources for patients and healthcare professionals.


Our practice is recognized nationally as a referral destination to properly diagnose difficult hip joints issues and offer solutions that bring stability and function back to the patient's life. Whether for consultation or clinical treatment, the Hip Preservation Center in San Diego has been a leader advocating for hip health. We were among the first to establish a connection between hypermobility and hip dysplasia, publishing our 8-year results back in 2020. We pioneered the concept of an outpatient PAO procedure, so that every patient can go home the same day they come in for surgery. We strive every day to get to the root causes of hip pain and deliver the best options for treatment and hope for a better tomorrow. 


It takes a team of exceptional people to offer the level of patient care that has come to be known as the Sharp Experience. The Hip Preservation Center is no exception, with every patient given personalized attention and the best care possible. 

Reviewing cases with our radiology experts

It starts with listening to patients, paying attention to the details, making connections, and then asking "can we do better?"
Every day, we strive to improve patients' lives by offering the best options for their hip needs and clinical experience. 


Dr. Santore examines a patient for hip pain

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Our continuing research efforts provide great enthusiasm for education and sharing our experiences with the medical community. Attending and contributing to national and international conferences, hosting local hip preservation symposia, and training the next generation of medical professional has become our passion. 

Presenting early data linking hypermobility and DDH

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