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Hip Disorders

Femeroacetabular Impingement (FAI)

Femeroacetabular Impingement, or FAI, is a hot topic in the world of hip conditions.  It involves bone overgrowth of the femur (cam), pelvis (pincer), or both (Mixed or Combined). The overgrown bone can impede normal joint motion as prominent surfaces start to impinge upon each other.


Cam Impingement

An excessive bone prominence on the femoral head and/or neck can collide with the edge of the acetabulum causing pain and limiting range of motion of the hip.

Pincer Impingement

Excessive bone growth on the edge of the acetabulum results in "pinching" down on the femur, painfully limiting the range of motion of the femoral head (ball).

Combined or 'Mixed' Impingement

In a mixed FAI, we see both pincer and cam types of impingement present.

Mixed femeroacetabular impingement

FAI usually forms during childhood and adolescence when bone development is occuring. Whether or not a patient with FAI develops symptoms is largely dependent on the severity of the FAI as well as his or her activity levels. The type of labral and cartilage injury that results varies according to the type of FAI.

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