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Femoroacetabular Impingement with Labral Tear

This patient is an exceptionally motivated young man who aspires to qualify for a highly demanding physical occupation. He first experienced right hip discomfort during the spring of 2017. After initially being misdiagnosed, he was finally referred to us to receive definitive treatment. During his initial visit Dr. Santore confirmed that the male patient had significant femoroacetabular impingement, as well as, a labral tear making him a perfect candidate for a joint PAO and arthroscopy.

An additional surgery of the same nature is being planned for his left hip, provided his right hip recovers smoothly without any complications.


LW PreOp.jpg

Pre-Op Xray

LW PostOp_edited.jpg

Post-Op Xray

In this preoperative x-ray we can see an example of a dysplastic hip. The patient has a shallow hip socket where the acetabulum does not give complete coverage to the femoral head.

In this postoperative xray we see the hip's coverage has significantly improved. The patient's dysplasia has been effectively treated and according to Dr. Santore, "The hip is in perfect balance." 

LW PreOp Frog.jpg

Pre-Op Xray

LW PostOp Lat.jpg

Post-Op Xray

Here we see  great example of a CAM lesion which likely one of the patients main antagonists for pain.

This post-operative xray show a fantastic resection of the CAM lesion leaving the patient with a radiographically normal femoral head. 

Range of Motion:

ROM - Initial.jpg

The ROM exam supports the decision to operate on the right hip first. The right hip clearly has lower mobility than the left. Lower mobility combined with greater pain made it the clear choice for surgery.

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